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13 Social Media Must-Dos

13 Social Media Must-Dos

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Your brand needs to be trustworthy to attract those clients that will pay your full-price and more. And in today’s age, your brand is your online presence and that includes your website and social media account.

Here we will talk about your social media must-dos. That list is not exhaustive but it will definitely put you in a good place.

1. Create an account on all major social media platforms. Even if you don’t use them at least reserve your username. The last thing you want is to become big and have some teenage kid steal your username on Tik Tok

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

2. Make your username the same across all platforms

3. Use the same logo across all platform

4. Use the same header image when possible. Make sure you use the appropriate format

5. Describe your services in your bio or about section

6. Insert a call to action in your bio

7. Enter your contact info in your profile

8. Post regularly

9. Use a scheduling tool if you can

10. Don’t post the exact same images on all accounts at the same time. Space them out and make sure you use the right photo dimension for each platform

>> Recommended: Social Media Design size guide

11. Be personable, ask questions to engage your followers, and sometimes post about yourself

12. Don’t pay too much attention to your follower count. You want quality, not quantity. You want people that are genuinely interested in your services and that will engage with you

13. Use hashtags but keep them relevant.

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